Our Ciders

The Cider Sisters preside over the creation of small-batch, traditional ciders. We use fresh apple juice using a blend of apples designed for balance and tartness. This juice is combined with a high quality live yeast strain designed specifically for use with cider apples.

We let our ciders develop slowly, allowing the natural flavors to interact and come into their own. Each batch will have slightly different characteristics, developed through their unique process.

Our Lost Carboy Cider is for fans of European ciders and tends to be exceptionally dry and tart, with cider overtones and a crisp finish. We hope you enjoy it!

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Lost Carboy is not an ordinary cider. This unique, small-batch craft beverage is not “semi-” anything: tangy and clean, its opaque appearance has a light fizz and distinctive fruity notes. Our tart and refreshing cider is remarkable for its drinkability. Raise a glass and enjoy!
Organoleptic Profile:
1. Appearance: opaque, straw colored; light active bubbles with a crown of mousse and good legs.
2. Aroma: Cider, apples, cooked pear, light toffee, piquant
3. Taste: Tart (7); Sweet (2); Salty (2): reminiscent of Spanish ciders and French mid-country offerings, with the quaffability of a fine pub cider.
4. Finish: Short; Astringent; slight sweet & salty end; entirely drinkable.
5. Recommended glass: a pint, of course.